In The Media

Sanlamere's innovative products are capturing the attention of the media and key industry publications. Below is a brief selection of clippings for you to download, from a variety of publications:

Green Apple Environment Awards August 2015
Sanlamere UK Ltd, based in Wimbledon, London has won a Green Apple Environment Award in the international campaign to find the greenest companies, councils and communities. Download this Press Release  more
Gas Installer, November 2006
Published in: Gas Installer, November 2006 In Brief: An introduction to Sanlamere's IXL Tastics® range of infrared, instant-heat technology combined with market-leading in-line air and steam extraction and lighting. Download this clipping.  more
Kitchens & Bathrooms News, November-December 2008
Published in: Kitchens & Bathrooms News, November-December 2008 In Brief: The Caroma 5 is selected as a finalist in the Kitchens & Bathrooms Green Product of the Year Awards Download this clipping .  more
Utopia, November 2008
Published in: Utopia, November 2008 In Brief: JP Davies-Morgante, Chief Executive of Sanlamere, introduces innovative ideas for a more eco-friendly home . Download this clipping .  more
Selfbuilder & Homemaker, July 2008
Published in: Smart Installer Supplement, 2008 In Brief: Featuring the IXL Tastic's low running costs of just 3p per day, yet extracting up to 70 litres of air per second. Download this clipping .  more